Saturday 17 January 2015

Hoya curtisii

     I'm dancing! What a January miracle! Nicely fragrant - hints of apricots and freshly prepared black tea and smth else during the night!
     Я танцую! Это январское чудо! Приятный аромат - запах абрикосов, свежезаваренного черного чая и чего-то еще на всю ночь!


Saturday 20 December 2014

Busy autumn 2014 - facts and joy :)

     November - streptocarpus' month - I decided not to wait for the spring, kept only the very tops of new leaves, planting in small pots. Let them establish in fresh compost.

     December - african violets' month - plants were "tired" from the almost whole year in the same compost, and many had to cut tops to root anew.
     These are several lovely "babies" before getting in "own" pots:

    My cyclamen is staying outside - we already had a couple of frosty mornings - however frost didn't get into loggia:
     My hairy cactus - I was thinking of him growing a fur coat to overwinter... but it's blooming for already 1.5 months:

     Some violets this autumn:

    ... and finally... oh, fingers crossed, my hoya curtisii is going to show me it's flowers...

What the sunset today!

Frosty morning in November